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Fund Name Activated Capital Opportunity Zone Fund
Fund Manager or Organizer(s) Activated Capital
Fund Size $75,000,000
Fund-Related Website
Investment Focus
Affordable Housing, Commercial Real Estate, Community Revitalization, Economic Development, Hospitality Development, Mixed-use Development, Renewable Energy Investment, Small Business Development, Student Housing, Workforce Housing
Geographic Focus
Regional Or Local
Details if Regional/Local/Other: Mid-West / Southeast
Additional Fund Details

As Real Estate investment specialists, Activated Capitals’ deep expertise, diverse experience, strong partnership orientation and extensive relationship networks enable our team to identify and capitalize on compelling risk-adjusted real estate value creation opportunities across a full spectrum of sectors, stages, strategies, instruments, and geographies – as well as across all market, economic, and asset cycles.

Our investment thesis is aligning activated capital with proven partners in fragmented markets (hospitality, student housing, storage, MFH and SFH) that lack the needed capital to grow and utilize economies of scale in their business.

Organization Details

Activated Capital measures its success by the consistency of its track record and our ability to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors, where we are committed to serving high net worth individuals and families, registered investment advisors, family offices, and institutional investors, such as endowments.

We leverage our deep market knowledge to deliver attractive returns on each of our funds, promoting complete investment transparency.

Activated Capital identifies unique investment opportunities in specific investment verticals which we believe are capable of generating the best risk-adjusted value for investors on a standalone investment basis.

Our Mission: Activated Capital is a vertically integrated investing platform that seeks to maximize returns on investments that generate double bottom line for investors – both social and financial returns.

We believe: Financial and social returns should not be mutually exclusive rather it’s simply sound business practice.

Fund Contact
Name Josh Burrell
Job Title Principal

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