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Fund Name ATDL Opportunity Zone Fund 1, LP
Fund Manager or Organizer(s) TDL General Partners
Fund Size $150,000,000
Investment Focus
Commercial Real Estate, Community Revitalization, Economic Development, Infrastructure Investment, Mixed-use Development, Multifamily Residential
Geographic Focus
Nationwide, Texas
Additional Fund Details ATDL Opportunity Zone Fund 1, LP is a limited partnership structure that focuses on rural to medium sized downtown areas in opportunity zones. By working with the local municipalities, we focus on ground up residential and mix-use development. Fiber optic infrastructure development in those areas allows for the Fund to capitalize on TIF Zone benefits.
Organization Details TDL General Partners has a focus approach starting in the state of Texas which allows for rapid expansion to other state with our smart city development guidelines. We have seen that by attracting outside capital to partner with municipalities on their needs, development is adopted locally. We aim to keep the economic benefit local to maximize our Partner’s return on investment.
Fund Contact
Name William Hersey
Job Title Founder
Phone (972) 757-1417
Additional Comments Please call with any questions.

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