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Fund Name Arela Opportunity Fund
Fund Manager or Organizer(s) Arela Partners
Fund Size $100,000,000
Fund-Related Website
Investment Focus
Affordable Housing, Commercial Real Estate, Community Revitalization, Hospitality Development, Mixed-use Development, Multifamily Residential, Small Business Development, Student Housing, Other
If Other, Please Specify: Alternative real estate-related investment with a focus on reduced risk and better-than-average rates of return on investment
Geographic Focus
Additional Fund Details

The Fund Size is $25 – $100 Million.

The ARELA Opportunity Fund intends to focus on investing in high-quality business and real estate within opportunity zones located in major US cities with long-term growth potential. We’re taking the same simple, low-cost approach we use in all of our Investments and applying it to this exciting new way to invest. Our primary interest is the maintenance and creation of affordable housing and job creation. Types of projects: Residential apartments, town homes, and single-family development with substantial improvement, hospitality, student and senior housing. Alternative real estate-related investments. For project submission:

Organization Details THE ARELA PARTNERS — Real Estate Development Group, has been changing lives since 2000. Its management has more than 30 years’ experience with renovation, investment, financing, and the re-purposing of residential real estate. We have been very successful at identifying and obtaining profitable opportunities to gain significant returns on investment through value-add investment for our investor partners. We have also provided, to our third-party clients, services that include development, project evaluation, packaging, equity, financing, and renovation services customized to their specific needs and requirements.
Fund Contact
Name Vernon Allamby
Job Title President
Phone (800) 225-8116

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