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Fund Name SK8TL Skate Park Opportunity Zone Fund
Fund Manager or Organizer(s) COCHIESE BOWERS LLC
Fund Size $2,500,000
Investment Focus
Community Revitalization, Economic Development, Infrastructure Investment, Mixed-use Development, Renewable Energy Investment, Small Business Development, Other
If Other, Please Specify: Parks and Recreation Skate park
Geographic Focus
Additional Fund Details Start-up Expenses
Legal $4,000
Stationery / Signage $500
Brochures $500
Insurance $8,000
Rent/Lease $2,000
Construction! build out $1,520,000
Impact fees $7,500
Skate shop $25,000
Design fees $200,000
Concessions $5,000Total $1,772,500
Organization Details The idea of SK8TL LLC is to provide a skateboard park for the fast growing Metro Atlanta community that reflects the city of Atlanta in an environmentally conscious way. Atlanta, GA is currently the largest city in the United States not to have a skate park within its city limits. Our goal is to offer an authentic, eco-friendly and accessible concrete skate park that is able to accommodate both casual and professional skaters. By doing so, we will successfully convert an empty twelve-acre lot into scenic and productive green space. The park will offer inter-changeable street courses, to keep the venue fresh for the skaters. In addition, a standard concrete bowl will also be featured.
Fund Contact
Name Cochiese Bowers
Job Title Creative Director
Phone (470) 399-0955
Additional Comments SK8TL marketing strategy will be based on several different methods included in the Guerilla
Marketing Strategy. Some of these strategies include but are not limited to the following:
• Sponsored Events: partnerships with companies will enable us to throw events around
the Atlanta area promoting the SK8TL brand. This will be a pivotal form of fundraising.
• Advertisement: using the internet for advertisement will be very beneficial. Using, and will allow us to stay on top of trends and
also provides free advertisement.
• Media: partnering with Central Atlanta Progress Development will cover local radio,
newspapers and magazines. We will also be featured on Dew Tour, MTV, ESPN
360 and Fuel TV through Cochiese Films.
• Community Involvement: Using local schools as a platform to distribute newsletters,
petitions etc. will increase awareness

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