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Fund Name Decennial Opportunity Zone Fund I LLC
Fund Manager or Organizer(s) Decennial Group
Fund Size $500,000,000
Fund-Related Website
Investment Focus
Affordable Housing, Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality Development, Mixed-use Development, Multifamily Residential, Renewable Energy Investment
If Other, Please Specify: Build-to-Core Industrial Development, Industrial, Large-Scale Mixed-Use Multi-Phase Developments, and Office Redevelopment
Geographic Focus
Additional Fund Details The Decennial Opportunity Zone Fund is a diversified, tax-advantaged development fund by one of the nation’s leading developers. As a vertically-integrated real estate investment company, Decennial controls the entire investment life cycle, including site selection, design, construction and asset management, which reduces risks and maximizes alignment of parties.
Organization Details

Decennial Group is a vertically-integrated, institutional real estate investment company that leverages the national footprint of its associated companies:

Clayco/CRG: With more than $3 billion in annual revenue and more than 2,000 employees across the country, Clayco is one of the largest privately-owned real estate, architecture, engineering, design-build and construction firms. The company was founded in 1984 and has consistently been ranked by Engineering News Record as a top design-builder.

Farpoint: With 30 years of real estate experience, Farpoint’s team has a track record of developing iconic and game-changing projects, including the McDonald’s global headquarters and Google’s Midwest headquarters in Chicago.

Fund Contact
Name Ben Harris
Job Title Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Phone (312) 883-4823

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